At Tailored Learning Solutions, learning never stops.  We hold experience in a variety of sectors including financial services, civil service, retail and automotive trade.  With over 10 years in learning, we are committed to our values making them central to our culture.  Our approach is delivered in a way that change becomes sustainable for your people and your business.  We take pride in our approach making sure learning is fun, interactive, practical and focused on your objectives.

Our Values

Our values are simple yet strong.  Applied to learning, they ensure you remain motivated and engaged in applying your new skills.

Be Curious

Listen and question to understand.  By understanding, you gain knowledge

Be Courageous

Jump in and try what you have learnt.  Learning starts at the edge of your comfort zone

Be Committed

See your actions through to the end and develop from feedback

"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow"    

Anthony J. D'Angelo




Learning Facilitator and Coach - TAPcert, MCMA

Ken is a skilled Learning Facilitator and Coach with experience of working with people in financial services, retail, civil service and the automotive industry.  Ken focus' on bringing the practical element of learning to life, enabling you to utilise your new skills in any situation be it work or home. Ken has a huge passion for people development and constantly looks for new ways in helping our clients achieve their goals, aspirations, overcoming limiting beliefs be it for business or personal.

Ken is a TAP certified trainer and a registered coach with CMA.  He holds qualifications in NLP and CBT which work together to help focus on your goals.

Ken has had the privilege of working with some major brands across Europe in a number of different sectors and enjoys seeing learning come to life.


Accounts and Learning Co-Ordinator

Kathryn has been with TLS since 2017 and looks after all our bookings and services and will probably your first contact with us.  Kathryn has extensive knowledge in sales having worked with big brand retail clients such as Tesco, Asda, Cadbury, Diagio and Disney both as an auditor and sales consultant.



At Tailored Learning Solutions we have a great team of associates with experience in various fields ranging from personal change, coaching, online design, e-learning and psychometrics.  We will ensure that the right person will help you through your journey of achieving your goals ad objectives.


Tailored Learning Solutions




Leeds, UK

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