Fundamental skills for Subject Matter Experts and New Trainers

One of the questions TLS facilitators frequently get asked when is "how did you get in to training?"  Common answers to the question are;

  • I'm the best advisor on the phone so I was asked to do some training.

  • I know everything about my business and I have been asked to train new starters

  • I've done lots of side by side training and then started to train larger groups.

  • I'm really good at sales so I got asked to train others

One question to ask after this point is "what is it I need to be an effective trainer?"

TLS will offer your business a comprehensive learning programme that will equip your SME's or New Trainers with practical, current and measurable skills that will allow them to engage with with their trainees in new ways to help learning stick.  A popular programme is our 1-3 day Train the Trainer package than can be attended as individual days or as a full programme.  Learners will receive tools and techniques both in delivery of training and developing content for training sessions.  Our course outline is as follows;

Day 1 - Training Skills

Day one focus' on the basic skills of training.  By the end of the programme you will be able to;

  • Develop your communication ensuring your words and actions are understood correctly

  • Apply techniques to highlight different learning styles and adapt your delivery accordingly

  • Demonstrate a range of questioning and listening techniques to apply learning

  • Understand techniques to manage challenging delegates

Day 2 - Developing and Delivering Content

Day two will enable you to develop your content including different learning preferences and a chance to deliver this content and receive feedback.  By the end of the programme you will be able to;

  • Develop learning objectives for training content

  • Understand how to develop and structure a learning session, write clear trainer guides and utilise V.H.F aids

  • Demonstrate techniques to manage challenging delegates in a delivery session

  • Obtain feedback on your delivery session to further develop as a trainer

Day 3 - Trainer to Coach

Day three is key to complete the learning cycle.  Trainer to Coach equips you with another set of skills to coach your learners aiding embedding and further develop performance.  By the end of the programme you will be able to;

  • Understand the difference between Training, Coaching, Feedback and when to use each intervention

  • Develop your coaching style and preferences

  • Understand the GROW model and demonstrate though a coaching session

  • Demonstrate goal setting using SMART

Each programme will have a maximum of 6 delegates to allow for both structure of timings and also give enough time to explore the learning theories and how to use these appropriately in your training.  Day 3 can have a maximum of 9 people in attendance.  

Training can take place at a local centre with others from various business or run in your offices with a minimum of two delegates per programme.

The cost of this training is;

  • Each single day programme - £325 per delegate at a local site or £275 per delegate at your offices

  • Book Day 1 and 2 together - £600 per delegate at a local site or £525 in your offices

  • Book all 3 days together - £850 per delegate at a local site or £800 at your offices.

If you have any questions about our TTT programmes then please feel free to contact us.  We have a friendly team on hand to help you get the best of your learning experience with TLS.

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