Our CV writing skills course is designed to give you practical tips to build and strengthen your CV.  Whether you review your CV regularly or have not touched your CV for a number of years, this course will give you hints and tips to improve it.  This course has both pre and post learning and additional support available should you decide to take it.  All learning materials are provided digitally and need to be brought to the session.

This workshop lasts for 3 hours

Pre Learning;

Reading on Change and Transition

Personal Skills and Strengths exercise


Welcome and Introductions

Change and Transition

CV Types and Structure

Writing Achievement Statements

CV Examples

Build your CV

Post Learning;

Finish your CV

30 min follow up coaching session


By the end of this learning you will be able to;

  • Identify your strongest achievements and write these down in a clear and precise statement

  • Understand different types of CV and decide which one to use for a job role

  • Identify my personal journey of change and transition

Price - £100


Tailored Learning Solutions




Leeds, UK

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