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Coaching Client

Ken has been a great help for me and I would strongly recommend him, over the last year we have built a relationship that I feel comfortable and trusting with my issues along with no judgement. I knew working with Ken was the right thing for me as I instantly felt suited to him and his approach in over coming different problems. 

Ken has worked efficiently and effectively with me through many issues that I struggled to deal with. I had completely given up on therapy and counseling as I spent years of swapping doctors and being left   without any rationalization until I was introduced to his way of work. This new approach proved to be a method that worked both quick and easy for me, allowing me to view things in a different light.



Customer Service focused

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working as a co trainer alongside Ken on a major transformation project for a FTSE100 company.  Ken is an absolute professional - as an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, he seems to have an effortless ability to blend technical and soft skills training, bringing his delivery to life with relevant and often highly amusing stories.  He has a great brain and can translate concepts into practical examples for his audience.  Ken has had to be super adaptable to cope with the ever changing nature of this project - no problem!  Great communicator, great energy, great integrity.



Since 2018, Ken has been working with us in connection to a project with the civil service built around leadership and management skills.  Ken has consistently performed to a high standard in delivering engaging and effective learning sessions across a rang of audiences.  Recent feedback shows Ken is committed and passionate about his learners as the following statements have come from them;

  • Although the content was known by those attending, the real difference was the way the Tutor led the sessions & demonstrated techniques by engaging us.  He really did make all the difference to the learning & I believe we wouldn't have gotten as much from the course if it weren't for his delivery.  There was a real 'buzz' in the room by the end of the course.  So a huge thank you to him.

  • Loved it, we had a really passionate trainer, who trained according to our need and the feel of the room rather than just telling us details off some slides. It was a really enjoyable learning day, and I am better equipped with a much better understanding of my style and its possible impacts

  • I thought Ken who delivered the session was brilliant. He was very clear in his delivery and I left feeling energised and ready to put into practice what I had picked up on the session.



Charity supporting Mental Wellbeing in the Automotive trade

Ken Hall has been providing training for us since 2017.  Ken has been delivering training sessions around health and wellbeing for a number of our key clients. He has a full understanding of the challenges some people face and his facilitation of the sessions has been excellent. We have had nothing but great feedback from all our delegates and we are pleased to be working with a professional, knowledgeable and reliable trainer like Ken



Senior Marketing Manager

Following a redundancy, I spoke to Ken about a number of different areas to support me in getting back to work.  We met informally at a coffee shop and talked through my ambitions and some of the techniques that could really help me.  Ken had great advice on how to approach opportunities, make myself available to clients, manage my time and how to approach interviews and applications.  And he had a great mx of tactical ideas as well as coaching techniques to get me thinking.  It was really beneficial and I've subsequently managed to get the perfect role for me.  Thanks for your help Ken.



Feedback from learners on Zoom

Ken, you are the go-to man for tech it seems! What you didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing. Your humour was incredible and you added a real layer of enjoyment to training, and made it easier to concentrate by adding in your fun quizzes. Good luck to you and your future Ken, and may you live long and prosper!

Your daily guess the location was loads of fun and a great activity to get us awake and concentrating at the beginning of the day! Your quizzes and games always made the group laugh and brought us closer together, you made sure we were able to unwind after some intense training which made it so much easier! So thank you!

Very happy smiley Ken, again looked forward to joining the meeting each morning to see from his background where in the world he was that day. Little things like that make a great deal of difference to delegates working remotely. Loved Ken’s quizzes. Kens technical knowledge was great he helped me out when I couldn’t get into the meeting a couple of times.



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