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At Tailored Learning Solutions, learning never stops.  We hold experience in a variety of sectors including financial services, civil service, retail and automotive trade.  With over 13 years in learning, we are committed to our values making them central to our culture.  Our approach is delivered in a way that change becomes sustainable for your people and your business.  We take pride in our approach making sure learning is fun, interactive, practical and focused on your objectives.

Our Values

Our values are simple yet strong.  Applied to learning, they ensure you remain motivated and engaged in applying your new skills.  They are central to our culture which means you experience them from the moment you engage with us.

Be Curious

Listen and question to understand.  By understanding, you gain knowledge

Be Courageous

Jump in and try what you have learnt.  Learning starts at the edge of your comfort zone

Be Committed

See your actions through to the end and develop from feedback

We’re committed to encouraging people to continuously create, grow and learn. Our courses and programmes reflect this commitment and allow you to turn learning in to action instantly with measurable results

We understand that every business and learning requirement is individual and we will consult with you to make sure the right learning is provided.  We offer a variety of courses from half a day bite size learning, full day programmes and continuous learning journeys that are generic enough to be applied to your business and still achieving your objectives.  

With the recent changes to our lifestyles, we are offering a number of our programmes online with certified online facilitators.

Browse our site to learn more and get in touch if you have any questions.

"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow"      Anthony J. D'Angelo



TAPCertified Facilitators


Mental Health England Instructor Members


Certified NLP Practitioners


Fellow member of the LPI


Online Learning Facilitators


Society of NLP Practitioners

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Member of the CMA

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CMe Colour and Behavioural Profiling Parctitioners

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Suicide First Aid Tutors - NCSPET


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Director - Leadership Facilitator and Mental Health Instructor

Ken is an enthusiastic and motivated learning professional, and started his career in learning in  2010 as a contact centre induction trainer for a large global financial organisation.   Prior to this Ken has worked in a variety of roles from theatre and music to customer service and mortgage sales from 2004 – 2010. Over the last 12yrs,  Ken has developed his skills to aid improving personal development covering a wide range of topics.  From coaching to presentation skills, performance management and personal wellbeing, he is able to bring the practical element of theoretical learning to life ensuring you can see the practical application of your new skills.

Now with further experience of working with those experiencing poor mental health, Ken is a MHFA England certified instructor for Adult and Youth courses, a CMe Colour Profiling Practitioner and coach using CBT and NLP techniques to help clients move forward and build effective coping strategies.  Ken is also a Certified Online Learning Facilitator and a NCSPET Accredited Suicide First Aid Instructor.

From 2016, Ken has had the privilege of working with other medium to large, multisite organisations both in the UK and Europe with some clients extending to the middle east.  He has designed and delivered both technical and soft skill learning interventions for a range of audiences from customer facing colleagues to senior managers.  This design and delivery includes learning for face to face events and virtual online learning platforms such as Webex, Zoom, MS Teams and other platforms. 

His  experience now extends in sectors such as Retail, Automotive, HM Government, Manufacturing and Health Care, Ken is always looking for new ways to engage his audience meaning learning is both practical and fun.  Bringing learning to life means organisations and their colleagues can build their skills to achieve goals and aspirations be it for business or personal growth.

Ken is a strong advocate for supporting mental health in particular the understanding of happiness and self-awareness and how this can help people’s resilience.  

•LPI Fellow Member

•Member of Complimentary Medical Association UK

•NLP Practitioner and Level 5 Diploma CBT

•CMe Colour Profiling Practitioner

•TAP Facilitator Accredited

•MHFA England Accredited Instructor

•Suicide First Aid Instructor - NCSPET


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