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The job market is extremely competitive and will continue to be so over the next few years.  With more people looking for roles in various ways, it may be useful to look at how you can stand out from other applicants.  We can support you with;

  • Interview Techniques

  • CV writing

  • Personal Presentation and Brand

  • Job Searching

  • Resiliency

These are fundamental skills that will enable you to stand out, tailor your approach to each role and focus your time on the tasks that matter rather than those that don't.  Our experience has told us that most do not know how to use the STAR model effectively for interviews.  Although some knew what it stood for, the application of using it was wasn't as strong.  

Our programmes are run online and will develop these skills making your search effective, specific and get you closer to success


Job Interview_edited.jpg


Coaching is becoming widely used in business as it enables people to raise personal awareness and take more responsibility over their goals and objectives.  Whether you are after a business coach or life coach, the core principles are exactly the same.  We offers individual and group sessions to help you achieve your ambitions and to fully enjoy the journey getting there.  Regardless of your desired outcomes, our coaches will help you to drill down into the specifics of your goals enabling you to achieve them effectively and clearly.  Your goals may be work, life or a mixture of both.  

Here are a few examples of questions you may have asked yourself that you could answer with the benefit of coaching:

  • How can I manage my time better to achieve what I want in life?

  • What should I do next in my career?

  • How can I reduce the stress in my job or my life?

  • How can I achieve a better balance between work life and home life?

  • How can I improve my relationship with a specific person

  • How do I handle a difficult situation?

Our coaches use a mix of skills and techniques to help you overcome any limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and focus on your future potential.  All sessions are unique to you so please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.  

In addition to coaching, we offer wellbeing sessions and very soon, we will be offering the certified Mental Health First Aid training.  Keep returning to us or subscribe to our mailing list to hear about future updates.


We’d love to hear from you! Reach out today with any questions, or simply to learn more about Tailored Learning Solutions.

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