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Customer service is term that is used a lot in business and many organisations have an idea of what it means and don't use this knowledge.  We have heard it described as;

  • Being nice to the customer

  • Giving the customer what they ask for

  • Saying Yes

  • Getting high NPS scores

Although this may be true, it's not what great service is about.  High NPS scores are the result of great service, not customer service.  By truly understand what the customer needs, it enables your colleagues to provide tailored solutions as not one size fits all.  We focus on two fundamental skills to customer service;

  • Listening

  • Questioning

Without these two skills, can you truly deliver great customer service?  With a tailored approach to suit the needs of your business, you can be confident your customer facing colleagues will develop the right skills and build confidence in how they provide service to your customers.

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