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Our Presentation Skills course is designed to give you practical tips to build confidence, build personal brand, communicate well and how to structure a presentation.  This course has both pre and post learning and additional support available should you decide to take it.  All learning materials are provided digitally and need to be brought to the session.

This workshop lasts for 3 hours

Pre Learning;

Reading on Self Limiting Beliefs

Network Map


Welcome and Introductions

Understand self limiting beliefs

How we communicate

Personal Brand


Build and Structure a Presentation

Post Learning;

30 min follow up coaching session


By the end of this learning you will be able to;

  • Use techniques to mange nerves in presentation settings

  • Apply techniques to communicate better

  • Create a 30 second personal brand message to introduce yourself to others

  • USE the EDF model to build and structure a presentation

Price - £100

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