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Virtual classrooms or online learning is fast exploding and becoming the way more meetings and training is being done.  Although it has been around for many years, it has seen a huge increase in use since March 2020.  Virtual presentations and training, from our experience, has come with varied feedback from;

  • The presenter talked all the time

  • The presenter read from the slides

  • There was no engagement

  • The session was too long

  • The slides had too much text on them 

Virtual learning in some instances can be better, faster and more cost effective for both the learners and your organisation.  It can be tailored to suit content that is relevant to you, have more interaction than some face to face events and you can be in attendance from anywhere.  At TLS we are Certified Online Trainers through the Learning Performance Institute so your virtual learning is in good hands.  

We can either;

  • Provide virtual training for you from a variety of topics and courses

  • Provide a virtual session to pass on our skills and knowledge to become better at virtual session. 

Contact us to find out how we can help keep learning in your business going.


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